The Best Bulk Road Salt Supplier In The Country

Our Bulk Road Salt meets the most demanding specifications. We provide a high-quality product for our customers with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Bulk Treated Road Salt is used to help keep the nation’s roadways, highways and parking lots safe during winter's inclement weather.

So, Why Use Broken Arrow's Bulk Salt Products?...

If you are looking road salt or de-icing products, we have the right one for you. As one of the leading suppliers in the intermountain west, here at Broken Arrow Salt we not only help government agencies battle winter road conditions, but we also provide de-icing products to private maintenance and landscape companies that deal with snow removal. Providing safe, secure roads and walkways is vital to everyone’s well being during the elements of the harsh winter months. 

We focus on being ready when you need your bulk de-icing salt products. Our goal is to help you take care of all your de-icing needs. We are located in Lake Point, UT, near the shores of the Great Salt Lake and we have clients all over of the country. Our motto has always been to do business with “Quality and Integrity”. For decades we have been doing business with this attitude and we believe in treating people fair. We have built strong relationships with our customers to ensure they continue to come to us for their bulk salt and de-icing needs year after year after year.

We service customers in the United States, Alaska & Canada.  Our facilities allow for loading via both truck and rail car.  With our rail location in Flux, UT,  we are on a Union Pacific railroad line and ready to be your road salt supplier wherever you are located.

PNS Certified Road Salt With Proven Results

In the competitive Road Salt Supplier marketplace, what sets our company apart is proven results, outstanding service, and a drive for progression. These concepts are not only characteristic of the most successful companies, but those that deliver the most tangible results to their clients. Broken Arrow Salt embodies each of these essential qualities to establish itself as the Bulk Road Salt Supplier & Road Salt leader in the industry.

Our Specialty: Bulk Road Salt Products

Bulk Treated Road Salt is used by states, counties, cities, communities, landscapers and snow professionals to help keep the nation’s roadways, highways and parking lots safe during winter's inclement weather. Our Treated Road Salt is PNS Approved. It is also treated with Magnesium Chloride (for lower freezing point) and YPS (an anti-caking agent) when it is processed and screened. This helps to prevent crusting and clogging in the spreading machines and storage facilities. We offer three categories of bulk road salt. Type A, untreated screened salt. Type B, screened and treated with Mag Chloride. Type C, screened and treated with Mag Chloride and anti-caking (YPS).

If you have some specific needs and cannot find a solution... we can help! Contact Jared Bunn to see if we can help develop a product that will suit your needs. Call him at 1-800-491-3942.